We are Unique Automotive.

We take care of everything — brakes, tires, oil changes — all your auto repair needs.


Unique Automotive is a full service mechanic and auto body shop that will compete with anyones prices. We have an exceptional team, both in the workshop and office. We’ve done what others can’t and we constantly strive to push the boundaries and expectations of this industry. We stand by our work and our prices and will do everything to make sure that your project exceeds your expectations.

All work is fully guaranteed and professionally done. We only carrie the finest in automotive parts. We specialize in all types of vehicles including cars, sports cars, vans, mini vans, SUVS, pickups, motorcycles, hot rods, boats, motorhomes, sprinters and everything in between.We are not just about customs, but ‘everything automotive’. From tune ups to “custom financing”, we will meet all your needs and beat anyone’s prices.


Unique Automotive has been customizing vehicles in the Nashville area since 2005. We have grown into one of the most powerful and recognized brand names in the custom automotive industry in Tennessee. We worked with some of the rarest and unique automotive brands in the world. We are quickly becoming a household name in our region and plan to continue dominating the custom car world. Our trediton of excellence has set us miles above the nearest competition. Come and see why we are Tennessee #1 automotive solutions business.


Community service is just as beneficial for us as our bottom line. We fell that it is our moral obligation to give back to our community. We take our social responsabilty very seriously and strive to set a standard for others to immulate. We spend alot of time working with youth because we understand that our future lies in them. If you have any projects your orgainazion or buiness would like us to take part in please do not hesitate to contact us.